Clarity Workshop



Are you at the stage where you need some outside expertise to help you make some key decisions before committing investment and resources?

I run Clarity Workshops to cut away away the noise, red herrings and to distil down your ideas to the core essentials so you can start prioritising funding and start making important decisions.

Purpose of the Workshop

To distil down the essence of what you plan to launch or change in your business.

To prioritise your core target audiences and to better understand their world.

To illuminate what the market is looking for and the problems they are facing.

To clarify your value proposition and to isolate your sustainable point of advantage.

To explore businesses in similar or different sectors who do what you do, or versions of, both nationally and internationally.

To distil key insights, messages and communications.

To discuss how various types of online content might engage.

To agree goals, milestones.

To suggest recommended, expert, affordable suppliers to work with where relevant.

To prioritise next steps.

You will leave the workshop with

  1. A better understanding of the business changes you need to make or the start-up you want to build.
  2. Clarity on your goals and on the immediate decisions that need to be made.
  3. An enhanced understanding of your market opportunities, competitive landscape and ownable territory
  4. Enhanced clarity on the marketing and digital tools needed to deliver against your goals.
  5. Clear take-outs, learnings and actionable next steps from the session
  6. The bones of a marketing strategy for your business