Expert Digital Marketing Advice

    The dawn of the digital revolution means small businesses have never had such affordable marketing tools at their disposal.

  • So many small businesses are rushing to master an online presence quickly. They might pay for websites or tools that don’t deliver in the long term.
  • I am a straight-talker and speak about digital options in plain English.
  • Digital is a fascination of mine. It allows SMEs punch above their weight and achieve cost effective, measurable results.
  • The options and advice can be overwhelming in terms of digital – I keep things simple by recommending solutions based on my experience and knowledge of your market.
  • I advise on online marketing strategy, website creation, content, SEO and design.
  • I collaborate with experienced, cost effective, independent industry experts when required to deliver campaigns using ads, video, email and social media.
  • I focus on 2 areas;  
  •       1) Strategy – Are you clear about your business direction and market strategy

          2) Communications – Developing content, key messages and communications that will resonate with your market

    Click here for some tips to consider when creating or updating your website.  If you’re interested in hearing more about digital marketing vs marketing, here’s a blog I wrote entitled ‘Will Digital Marketing become known as just Marketing in the future?’