I understand what it’s like to run and scale a Business.

    I work with a lot of small and medium sized businesses across a variety of sectors and understand the pressures.

  • First of all, I am one … and as such see things differently than say a marketing agency.
  • You can lack the time for big picture planning because of the busy day to day operations.
  • You want results …. and quickly.
  • Your business is your focus and we need to work around your demands and deadlines.
  • I am realistic and know budget is limited.
  • You are unsure as to what to expect with a marketing consultant – is it all cost with no return? Is the advice actionable?
  • You need recommendations that will make business decisions easier.

    Have you a strategy or clear plan for the business? If you don’t have this thought out, then the communications simply won’t be as effective.

    I always start with strategy. Read more about my supports in developing a strategy here.

    I am a vetted,  strategic marketing consultant working with Enterprise Ireland on their SMR programme for SMEs who want to scale. More information here

    Working with the senior management teams I focus on identifying strategic opportunities using a series of intensive management workshops to develop a clear marketing strategy that will drive measurable results for the growing SMEs.

    About me …

    • I immerse myself in understanding your market and business with a view to really seeing what your customer is looking for.
    • I strive to clarify marketing and communications in plain English.
    • I aim to impart expertise and encourage my clients to use the approaches we discuss in future marketing efforts.
    • I strongly feel that more time needs to be spent on the ‘big picture’ planning in SMEs before considering communications. This is the planning before doing. Figuring out the choices available, what to say ‘no’ to is as important as ‘yes’. Making informed decisions. I write more about strategy and working with what matters here.
    • For more information check out the ‘about me’ page here

    If you want to hear about some practical examples of my work, check out this section on the work I do.

    If you’ve got some time check out my ‘Marketing over Coffee’ section for some business inspiration.