Below is a list of services I offer.

Also you can check out some of the work I’ve done with clients here

Marketing AuditStrategic Audit

First things first. Plan before doing. In order to devise the direction your business should take, I first need to analyse the situation as is.  ….Read More



Marketing Strategy/Plan

Strategy is key to the success of every business. Put simply, strategy is about choices. It’s as much about what you won’t do as what you will. When you have this decided it makes other decisions easier. Clearer. Simpler. It’s about making the right choices by understanding where the business is now and where it could be……Read More


  Making it Happen – Marketing Execution

90% of well formulated strategies fail due to poor execution. Better to have a decent strategy well executed than an amazing one that never sees the light of day….. Read More



Marketing Plan DevelopmentStart-up Marketing Support

The biggest failure with start-ups is usually in not finding enough customers to justify the business. With a background in Consumer Goods and Digital I can supply end-to-end marketing support from development of research, commercialisation and development of targeted launch plans … Read More


CommunicationsCommunications and Branding

Marketing used be dominated by traditional media – TV, radio, print, outdoor.  It was expensive and often inefficient for small businesses. The digital revolution has changed all that. Instead of interrupting potential customers when they are not be in the market aim to earn their attention by catching them when are actively looking for the solution you provide.

….Read More


Digital marketing

Keeping Customers

70% of customers are lost because of poor customer service, follow up, customer interaction . It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.Creating and maintaining customer relationships is an area where small businesses can eally excel. How can you get customers to buy more/ more often?.Read More


 Digital Advice

The dawn of the Digital Age mean small businesses have never had such access to affordable marketing tools.

So many businesses now are rushing to quickly master an online presence. The options and advice can be overwhelming – I recommend solutions based on experience, market insight and effectiveness…

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