• Reinvigorate your business thinking

A short, intense burst of marketing doesn’t work for all.  Some businesses work better and get better results if work is done over an extended period. This often can help better deliver better solutions and communications.  It also helps the SMEs manage scarce resources; time and cashflow  to make;

  • Better marketing plans.
  • Better market evaluations.
  • Better business decisions.


  • What you can expect


  • Mentoring from Enterprise Ireland grade mentor
  • Advice from someone with 19 years marketing experience and the grounded experience that comes from working with scores of SMEs
  • Clear direction for your business in terms on marketing and communications
  • Discussion of a marketing plan
    • Helps you understand the market you are in better; customers and competition
    • Reveals if you are aiming your business at the most lucrative customers and market gaps.
    • Communications discussion; who’s doing it well, what tools work best.

Fixed cost given on fuller briefing.

Initial meeting to distil and explore key issues, to understand market landscape and agree scope. Remainder of package is 6 hours mentoring blocks which can be used in meetings, phonecalls or emails as you require in order to get to the results you want to attain. Some clients use this to fine tune communications, others to create an effective plan, others to have an expert on hand to help them make critical business decisions as they arise.