Growing your SME Business – Marketing for Beginners

Half Day Workshop focusing on communicating to the right customer for your business

So, you own a business but have no formal training in Marketing. You’ve heard about marketing, social media, branding and digital marketing … but wonder what will it actually deliver for you. You may have looked at advice online or attended talks but are not sure what marketing initiatives are right for you. I offer a hands-on, practical workshop Marketing for SMEs. At the end of this workshop, you will have the bones of your marketing plan for your business.

This is all about cultivating the thinking, approaches and planning you will need to do to increase performance and profits of your business. It’s by no means ‘once off’ in terms of the benefits to your business. It will change how you think, manage and plan your business. You will have a clear idea on who to focus on, why, how to communicate to them and where. You will have a clear plan of action and priorities

How it works

In advance of the workshop I will ask you some questions (email/phone) about your business so that the workshop session is as productive as possible.

After that, we meet to workshop your specific challenges and solutions.

What you get at the end of the morning

  • You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of your business.
  • You will also receive and enhanced understanding of your market opportunities, your hierarchy of customers, key competitors; direct and indirect
  • Trends highlighted from the marketplace.
  • I demonstrate the benefits of creating a marketing strategy and crucially, show you how to do one for your business.
  • I will clearly explain where the gaps in your knowledge/assumptions/research might be
  • I advise on how best you should to communicate with your target market
  • I can make recommendations on vetted suppliers where required
  • At the end of the session you will have the bones of a new marketing plan for your business
  • You will have key recommendations on what needs to be done when.

Price given on fuller briefing

If you decide you need more time or a more formalised written plan, we can of course do. But have a think in advance if ‘Get Market Fit’ package or the ongoing mentoring in ‘Reinvigorate Your Business’ might suit you better. If you require me to execute specific recommendations I make, we can discuss how this might happen.