Sometimes SMEs can have valid concerns over working with a consultant. How much will it cost? I need marketing support to grow my business, but can I really afford to work with a marketing expert?

What exactly will I get for my money?

To address this I have developed some fixed price packages aimed at SMEs who look for clarity on costs.

Package One: Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan to get your product or business ‘market fit’. Great for SMEs who’ve lost their way in terms of delivering new customers to their business. Also perfect for start-ups who want to do things right from the beginning.  – click here

Package Two: New Website

Building an effective website that generates sales enquires – Great for SMEs who find all things tech intimidating or hard to understand – click here

Package Three: Updating Existing Site

Getting your existing website to drive more enquiries to your business – click here

Package Four: Marketing Workshop

Growing your business – Half day marketing workshop specifically focusing on your business – click here

Package Five: Mentoring

Reinvigorate your business thinking – Marketing Mentoring specifically focusing on the challenges in your business and the strategic and communication solutions we create; 8 hours mentoring across meetings/calls/emails. A package tailored to your specific needs  – click here