I understand the concerns that SMEs have about working with a marketing professional. They can worry about a process that may lead to more costs and so I clarify the process and outcome to clients at the outset in a written proposal. Here’s what needs to be done, here are the parts of the work, this is what I will do, here’s what I need from you. These are the expected results.  And this is when you should expect them.

First I ask questions, find out what I need to know from you and from the market. I bring you through an understanding of the situation. This is the strategy piece. After which we can talk about solutions, recommendations and communications.

It can be tempting to look for shortcuts, to use tactics you’ve heard competitors using, something you’ve seen online or heard from a colleague. I don’t go straight to solution mode and encourage you to take the time to assess the business, the competitive landscape, essentially the big picture.

Often the solution lies in crafting angles of differentiation and in doing less better or on focusing the important levers that will really step-change your business. Choosing which things to do, and which opportunities to turn down can be confusing but I bring clarity to this process. This is an approach that can be used again and again in future business decisions.

I work cost effectively, using proven techniques to deliver clearly thought out recommendations.

Where required, I collaborate with quality, vetted, cost effective 3rd parties to bring to market the plan agreed.

I offer a fixed fee marketing plan for SMEs and offer blocks of time in packages available for website reviews, strategic business rethinks, proposition development as well as once off or ongoing mentoring. Contact me for more details.

Instead of my telling you how I work, perhaps it’s better to hear it from those I’ve worked with

Michelle MacMahon – Talent Development Specialist

I contracted Siodhna to help me clarify and communicate my business offering in a language and style that was informative yet simple and meaningful to my target audience. Siodhna walked me through a marketing process that was enlightening and extremely valuable. I have seen a huge increase in my business since working with Siodhna and would highly recommend the services offered by Inspired Thinking.

Gillean Guy – Owner, Baby Gifting Business

We worked with Siodhna on a project to help upgrade our services and to increase our reach into our exisiting market and new ones. Siodhna is most personable, reliable and helped us to come up with a strategy for our business going forward that we would not have otherwise dreamt possible. She worked to help us see our company and offerings in a different light and how to progress to becoming a bigger player in our markets.

Siodhna puts her passion for marketing and business development into all she does; down to the smallest detail. She has continually kept in contact with suggestions that are ongoing, after the project end, which is above and beyond any service we’ve ever used.

I can’t recommend Siodhna highly enough. She was a pleasure to work with and had the highest diplomacy and tact, which can be a huge requirement when you are so close to your business and may be easily offended. I hope to work with her again in the future and wish her continued success.

Bríd Brennan – Physical Therapist & Tutor

Siodhna was a pleasure to deal with. Clearly an expert in her field, I felt confident I was in good hands.

Patrick Lynch – House7 architects

I was meaning to update our website and marketing strategy for many years.  Síodhna gave me a framework to do this which provided positive results.

Margaret Colton – Head of Marketing eircom during my time there

Siodhna is a results focused marketing professional who will bring high integrity, commitment, warmth and passion to any role. Siodhna helped to transform the eircom International Voice business into traffic and revenue growth by incisive analysis of International calling trends and by the development of new propositions and communication strategies.  She also led delivery of compelling and distinctive creative campaigns for 11811 Directory Enquiries which likewise led to share growth in a keenly contested market.

Gavin O’DohertyMarketing Director Coca Cola during my time there

Siodhna is a charismatic marketer with a keen entrepreneurial perspective. She is passionate about the difference marketing can make and is not afraid to challenge the linear thought process. She has charisma and drive in abundance while retaining the focus to deliver results. She encourages contribution and ideas from the group and has a strong team orientation. Siodhna is a strong marketing advocate and has the skills to deliver real results.